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Digital Video Editing


Digital Video Editing Software

In order to have total control over your corporate video production, it is important to have the equipment and software to edit shot footage in house. We have our own dedicated digital video editing software suite based on AVID and Adobe systems. Our flexible computer based digital video editing system allows changes to be made quickly and easily and facilitates the use of creative graphics and effects.


Motion graphics can really add that something special to a video, and can be customized to your approach and company brand. Video graphics have come a long way in the last 10 years, and today they play an increasing role in any professional corporate video production. We can make 2D animated graphics to order, to radically enhance the video.


We also offer our music library service, tailored to your video, or we can often handle certain copyrighted material permission requests. This can mean better value for money rather than using library music or similar, and having this control means a real improvement to the overall finish of the video.

Video Encoding

We can export the finished video in a variety of formats - Ttape formats, DVD, Flash Video, QuickTime, Windows Media, Real Player or Video Podcast format. Examples of the range of styles of video editing we can produce are available on our demo reel page. Please check out our very competitive corporate video production price list and see the best deal for your company.

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