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Video Production Services

Some of the many services we provide include:

  • Event Video Production  (Weddings, Retirements, Graduations, Parties,...)
  • Training Video Production  (Seminars, Speeches, Classes, etc...)
  • Educational Video Production  (Student, employee or customer education)
  • Business Marketing Video Production  (Promotions, Sales, Marketing,…)
  • Analog to Digital Format Transfer  (8mm, HI-8, VHS to CD, DVD, Mini DV)
  • Digital Video Editing  (Full services including graphics and special effects)
  • DVD Authoring  (Original DVD menus for your videos)
  • Moving Photo Montage  (Photos to disk with music, transitions and effects)
  • Streaming Video  (We provide media conversion, temporary video hosting, we may even be able to upload to your own website)

Our Video Production Includes:

  • On-location Camera Time: (Up to eight hours)
  • Lighting: (Three point professional portable lighting)
  • Your company logo (tastefully introduced onto the screen to announce the video)
  • Editing: A preliminary initial edit followed by as many as two revisions
  • Video Titles: (Words on the screen for introductions or to summarize, or reinforce points)
  • 1 DVD Master
  • 1 VHS Video Copy
  • Streaming Video: Preview at a temp location on the web for client review.
  • Windows Media Files of your promotional videos on CD

Our Video Production can also include:

  • Script Consultation
  • Voiceover Talent: Off-camera narration (male or female)


Video Post-Production

We offer an array of post-production services, such as:


All of our editing suites are HD and or HD ready. We cut on AVID, Adobe, and many other professional-level software/hardware systems.

Our systems will handle: DV, DVD, Mini DV, DVC Pro 50 and uncompressed SD and compressed HD.

Of course, we can still capture from older legacy media such as; VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, HI-8mm, Digital 8, CD.

We use Adobe After-Effects to create eye-catching motion graphics and special-effects. This art is good for intros, outros, and anywhere you want to grab the viewer's attention.

Shooting on a green screen? We offer chroma-keying and compositing (such as picture in picture) in standard definition.

In addition to After Effects we employed various plug-INS such as Movie Looks, to create just the look you imagine.

Video Pre-Production

We produce videos from concept to completion. It starts with pre-production.

We will meet with you to develop your video concept, then, set a date and time to begin shooting.

We produce videos for many applications, such as:

These are some of the videos that we have created in the past.

We also specialize in editing and authoring wedding videos. We werk' hard to provide more than what you might expect from a typical wedding video. We can add a special flair to your video that sets it apart from the work of other 'in and out of the door' production companies, because we feel our creative vision should work within the client’s frame of view.

Please call or e-mail for details.