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About Our Company

DESKWERKS Video Productions and Multimedia has been in service to the Atlanta community since the beginning of 2005. We deal with a large portion of the digital audio/video spectrum of video production, from mid-level corporate marketing to family home video transfers.

A few of the many services we currently provide include:

  • On-Site Video Event Production
  • Video Biographies
  • Digital Non-Linear Video Editing
  • DVD Authoring
  • Photo Memories
  • Videotape Format Transfer.

We strive to bring our customers high quality, for affordable pricing, in whatever project we may be involved in.


Our Mission

To provide solutions, inform your audience, promote your product/service or create the solution for your unique situation. To provide advice that serves the best interests of our clients. To ensure the passion for our work is reflected through our attitude, our service and our products.


Our Clients

DESKWERKS serves both personal and business clientele with field production as our hallmark service. Clients around the city have entrusted their productions to us. Our team has produced work for several recognized organizations including:

  • A.P. Security Agency, Inc.
  • Atlanta Public Schools
  • Clayton County Schools
  • Hannah Alexander Salons
  • Champagne Taste Boutique (and numerous others)



DESKWERKS utilizes the skills of contract videographers, audio technicians, producers, production assistants and other crafts that might be required on a production. By using skilled contractors, we can hire the best qualified individual for each job.